Solar - Available, Affordable & Maintainence free!

Island Solar is a Rhode Island business with the main goal of optimizing the energy
created by the sun every day, by increasing the number of homes and businesses
with solar systems in Rhode Island.

  • People often ask, "If it makes so much sense, why don't all homes have hot water solar?" I ask myself the same question, and can only conclude that the general public is not informed of the latest facts. It has something for every type of family.

  • For families that want to tread more lightly on the earth a system will lessen or eliminate use of  fossil fuels and nuclear energy that currently energize your home.

  • For families with a socio-economic mindset you can use your dollars as votes to choose a future with renewable energy.

  • For economically minded folks there are very few investments with a better rate of return than solar. As energy prices rise your investment in solar only increases.

  • For Americans wanting to help with a secure future, solar helps toward energy independence for our country and less reliance on middle eastern oil.