Common Solar panels Questions and Answers

How many solar panels are needed to a powerhouse?
To know how many solar panels you require to power your house you need to, first of all, define your objectives and reasons for the installation of the solar panels from best solar panels. Are you trying to save money you can use to invest in other things or to save as much money as you can? It all depends on your objectives and goals. This will help you come up with clear and concise ideas that will help you in your decision making.
Now calculating how many solar panels you will need will need to be done after taking the following into consideration; the amount of sunlight you receive and the climate; the area where the installation will be done either your rooftop or the space reserved for that; how much electric energy you use; the relative efficiency of the solar panel you are considering to buy and its wattage.

For instance, if there are two very identical houses in the same neighbourhood A and B where A has two occupants who are always busy and rarely stay indoors for long and in B a family of five, B will obviously need more solar panels to sufficiently power the house than A as they consume more energy than the occupants in A. The occupants in A will bare need a solar panels.
The easiest way to go about this is to consult a professional solar installer to do the evaluations for you.
How much does it cost to buy a solar panel?
A lot of people always want to know how much it can cost to buy a solar panel so it will be easy to estimate and calculate the amount needed for their solar project. This depends on several things, first the type of the solar panel in consideration and, the size of the system and the amount the buyer has as leverage.

Let us take this example, as a consumer, you do not have the same relationship with the distributor of the solar panels as a solar installer. So the price the distributor will give the solar installer will be quite lower than the price he will give you. Let us say he gives you a single solar panel at the price of $1 per watt, he will give the same to the installer at about $0.7 per watt. Let us make the sum given you are taking a 200 watts solar panel, the solar panel will cost you $200 while it will cost the installer $140.
If you are looking for the price range of a solar panel then the prices range between $0.8 to $1.25 per watt, outputs between the ranges 150 watts to 350 watts for typical local solar panels. The cost of installation will vary but when working generally with installers from acquisition to installation, it cost less than trying to get a deal maybe online to do it yourself

How long do solar panels last?
One needs quite a hefty upfront cost to invest in solar panels but the best thing is, this pays off in the long run. The monthly bill payments will be avoided meaning more savings plus tax incentives. Solar panels typically have a guarantee of twenty years but in reality, they last far longer than that. Let us look at this little calculation of the efficiency loss of solar panels with time. A solar panels losses 0.5% to 1% efficiency over a period of one year. This means that 25 years from installation it should have lost about 75% to 80% of their rated output. Meaning that to completely exhaust your solar panel it will take you a century or more.

There is a typical standard solar panel warranty of 25 years but some companies even offer more, up to 30 years. Over the life of the warranty of 25 years, for instance, most solar panels are covered to produce a minimum of 80% of their rated output. This is the guarantee given by manufacturers. For instance, a 200-watt solar panel should produce a minimum of 160 watts at the end of the 25-year warranty.
So the question “How long do solar panels last?” has a simple answer, the solar panels can last for a very long time.

How much does it cost to power your house with solar panels?
The rate at which prices of solar panels are falling is making it more possible for lots of people to opt for their installations in their homes. When installed, it is very sure that the monthly bill will drastically be slashed. About some ten years ago, a solar panel system that could sufficiently power a home was as high $50,000.

With new technology now, the price has been more than halved. Nowadays, a 6KW solar power system that can sufficiently power a house may fall in-between $15,000 to $22,000 in taxes exclusive. All of this too will depend on the type you prefer. There are some that cost as little as $2000. You can as well pay for one as high as $50,000.

With the rate at which the price of energy is increasing, going solar could be the next best option. What is certain is that after the hefty upfront required cost, the reward is good.