Solar Basics

How solar works?

1. The photovoltaic
The solar panels are made using unique materials that when heated by a ray of light, the photovoltaic material will convert the energy in the rays of the sun into electricity. Therefore whenever there are sun rays, the solar panel will produce electricity. The island solar grid-tie systems consist of an inverter, switch and a solar panel. The main work of the inverter is to convert the collected dc voltage into an alternating current that will be used by the home appliances such as the radio, Fridge Tv, and many others. The work of the solar panel is to produce the dc voltage and the switch help in closing or opening the circuit. Therefore the flow of the energy is as indicated below. 
A solar panel provides DC (direct current) voltage
• The dc voltage charge the battery 
• DC voltage is put to an inverter to change to ac 
• The AC voltage is then tied to your existing grid 
• The solar energy is now ready for use

That will help you to avoid over-reliance in some other forms of energy sources such as coal-fired electrical power plants.

2. The thermal /hot water systems.
The solar hot water systems use fundamental principle for their working. Since the idea of heating water using the sun has been there for a long time. Only some few improvements have been made to make the solar hot water systems. The solar hot water systems work as follows:
– A fluid that needs to be heated using solar energy is pumped into the solar collectors.
– The solar collectors are painted black for higher heat absorption from the sun.
– When the water or any fluid is passed through the solar collectors, the liquid is heated using the collected heat at the heat exchanger chamber. 
Since now the water/fluid is heated, the liquid is pumped to the hot water system that takes hot water to the washing machine, showers and any other places you want. 

How solar works?

Therefore by considering the above-discussed information about the benefits of solar energy, reasons on why to choose the island solar and the working of the solar panels and the thermal water system. Hence installing solar in your home or place of work can bring incredible benefits.
Thank you.